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हिंदी तथा English समाचार पत्र, Important News Articles, Motivational quotes, Daily Quiz, Important announcement के लिए जुड़े रहे। Channel Members से बात करने के लिए Post के नीचे आने वाले Comment Option का उपयोग करें।

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"दृश्य चैनल" बटन पर क्लिक करके अपने टेलीग्राम में Library Vidhya Mandir (Users) चैनल देखें या जुड़ें।


Library Vidhya Mandir is official telegram channel of a physical library with the same name in Chatra, Jharkhand. The library is free for all people and is run purely on donations of books and materials required for running a library. It is completly free to join for all. This channels is dedicated for providing educational informations currently

  1. Selected Hindi & English Newspapers
  2. Daily Current Affairs in Hindi & English
  3. Chanakya Neeti points
  4. General Knowledge Free daily automated quiz
  5. Motivational Quotes
  6. And many more important contents......
  7. Meeting point for all members and users of the library for discussion, feedbacks and suggestions.

We daily announce the names of the Quiz winners in our channel.

Join the channel and update and test your knowledge.

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