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When we were in school we learned first, give exam and get result.

But in Trading most of us direct give exam and get result.

99% of result are bad.

Lets adopt the old school rule. Our success in trading is all about what we do after market close. Go open your failed trades.

The beauty of share market is that it gives you opportunity to earn irrespective of your previous losing streak. But very few people realize that and end up feeling frustrated and move away from markets. In face of losses, what you really need is to rein in your emotions, think practically and have a trading plan which will help you in securing profits and recovering your losses.

Guide to Recover Losses from Intraday Trading

• Accept Responsibility of Your Losses

• Stop Revenge Trading

• Take a Small Break

• Analyse Past Mistakes

• Focus on Your Goal Again

• Get Some Inspiration

• Get Back into the Game

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