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Before understanding technique of intraday kindly go through the below said psychological phenomenon which is basic requirement for intraday trading.

When you play any Games like Football, Cricket etc you have to follow the rules assign to that game. The difference between player ranking number 1 and number 10 is only presence of mind basically, although it can be possible in more than some cases that number ten has good shape of physique and also great stamina as compare to number 1 rank player but presence of mind or control on mind help to player number 1 to maintain their position or reach at that level hence trading is an also mental game who can remain calm and patient that can be winner in day trading

Would like to share a few important basics of intraday trading to make profits

1.  Positive attitude while Intraday Trading

2.  Keep daily Targets of Profits as well as Losses

3.  Learn from your losses as well profits

4.  Keep Emotions aside

5.  Trade only in Few Scripts at a time

6.  Overcome your GREED

7.  Don’t overtrade your capital

8.  Accept Losses gracefully

9.  Market position with Limit orders Instead of Market orders

10. Trade with current day trend

11. Gather the PROFITS while you can

12. Avoid overtrading

13. Not more than 2 – 3 days per day

14. Treat trading as a Business and not as Adventure sports

15. No Trading with Borrowed capital

16. Do not invest all your money at once

17. Last but not the least - Keep learning


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