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FXKudu trading signals are way different than all other signal providers.

  • No Stress! Every trader have experienced the stress of having more than 10 simultaneously opened positions. And, yeah, it is stressful! That’s why our team of market analysts makes sure you enjoy your trading experience with us by providing less but better signals!

  • Trade with ease! More than 90% of the signals’ Stop Loss doesn’t exceed 50 pips which is playing role in the trading Psychology and you know that it is a huge part of the Forex Trading. FXKudu signals are the best solution for both experienced and beginner traders.

  • Risk less – Earn more! The minimum Risk:Reward Ratio FXKudu provides is 1:2. Sometimes the Risk:Reward Ratio for the signalс reaches levels above 1:50. Being said on the “money language” - risk 100$ to get 5 000$.

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