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FrugalNet, an group of industry disruptors, has officially launched their initiative to create open, neutral and sustainable high speed wireless networks for urban, rural, and commercial end users.The vision of FrugalNet is to create cost effective wireless network infrastructures for all users. Started in rural areas in 2012, individuals whom were frustrated with a lack of a common infrastructure began to research cost effective methods to accomplish a fair standard of data access.

Their approach utilizes many known and common practices; by leveraging a standardized approach, layered with industry expertise and knowledge of common pitfalls impacting current operators, FrugalNet endeavors to resolve access issues to cost effective data networks.

When put into practice, creates a disruptive economic model in the telecom sector, based on the commons model along with a collaborative, community focused economy. The deployment and growth of a common-pool network infrastructure by FrugalNet creates a fair and sustainable utility.

By partnering with local communities, non profit organizations, manufacturers, technicians, engineers, businesses, service providers, and local leadership, FrugalNet’s mission is to provide a wireless network infrastructure that is sustainable, and economical.

For more information on this project, questions, or how you can contribute, join the Telegram channel @FrugalNet or to learn more.


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