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Hi guys, i would appreciate if you could join my free chat.

I post a free call every month and here is a list of what I posted with the X they did.

- Taste Nft 250x (4-6 months)

- Richquack 250x (4-6 months)

- Baby Doge 500x (1-3 months)-(Before Elon Musk called it) 🔮

- Cum Rocket 45x (4-6 months)-(Before Elon Musk called it) 🔮

- MYOBU 70x (1-2month)

- CakeMonster 250x (3-4 month )

- Daddy Doge 30x (1-3 weeks)-(Before Elon Musk called it) 🔮

- Tethan Arena 20x (4-6 weeks )

- Son of shib 20x (2-3 months)

- Son of Doge 50x (1-3 weeks)

- Marvin inu 30x (2-3 months)

-Ape Coin 5x (1-4 weeks)

thanks guys!

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