We are a crypto channel conducting only important and profitable signals on Binance! Using only fresh news about crypto currency, is what helping us to make about a 90% precisely prognosis of profit ! If you have any questions, please con - @johncraig84

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😸 Hi everyone!

We are a group of enthusiastic traders

with huge experience in cryptocurrency.

🌱 Long-range and short-range forecasts

We analyze a bunch of sources and then

select only the most sought after and potentially profitable coins.

Our analytics consists of collecting data from CoinmarketCal, Coindesk, Cointelegraph etc

We also take into account information from closed sources (developers, journalists, founders)

🦖 Process

— every day we show from 2 coins with maximum

potential based on upcoming news and closed sources

— we set the purchase price at which you can buy

— select several goals to which the coin can come

— just like normal traders, we indicate a stop loss

of -2 / 5% (this is normal if the coin does not work in our scenario)

🌝 Profit

After we have reached some goal you can pick up

profit or set a stop loss (breakeven) and continue

monitor currency growth with guaranteed profit.

At any time after reaching any target, you can take

profit and be calm that the system is working

🐋 Proofs

You can see for yourself by scrolling through this channel and watching the story

70% of our signals reach the 2nd target with a profit of 15/20%

40% reaches the maximum target and continue to grow providing 30% of the profit

🙌🏼 Profit examples

We will help you make a real profit of at least 20% per week

👁 Task

We want to bring together a group of people

who can move along with us further

🐉 Join us today and recommend to friends,

and together we can make much more profit!

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