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# BTC USDT leverage signals. Free advice, crypto advice and more. No strings attached. Fair channel. Bitcoin advice, bitcoin trading, trading tips, leverage trading, cryptotrading, stocks.

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This channel is mainly about trading bitcoin against USDT, but also about altcoins.

We focus on Technical analysis, futures trading and spot wallet trading. In the open channel we already share a lot of information every day. It is worth checking, we have 190.000 followers and going upwards.

The owner gets information by reading a lot and sharing inside information, also about hidden "gem" tokens. There is a premium service, but we do also share a lot for the "free server".

There are charts, advises, calls and signals, and market thoughts.

It's all about crypto trading. There is good and safe advice, not only "buy this and buy that", but actual member protection.

If you want to buy btc, but need advice.. this is the place to read through.

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