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This is a channel made for listing all the anime channels we have. Our group: @Anime_Discussions Movie channel: @AnimeLibrary_Movies

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Welcome to Anime Library!

Here you can find the links for all of our Anime channels. We will provide you with the best and latest anime out there. Our main goal is to make these awesome works of art free and easily accessible for anyone who wishes to dive into the world of Anime. We intend to give you Anime episodes in small size and in Dual Audio (English & Japanese) without compromising the quality of the uploads. For standalone Anime movies join AnimeLibrary_Movies (

We also have an Anime community here in telegram called Anime Discussions ( We are a small, respectful, friendly and fun loving community of Anime lovers. We hope to inspire people and bring together Anime fans across the globe under one group and connect to people sharing similar interests. You can also recommend Anime to our channel by making requests in our group. We will look into your requests and try our best to get it to you.

Special thanks to Animekayo (, Animekaizoku (, Animencodes ( and AniDL ( for their awesome and quality encodes and a big shout out to Cinema Company ( for their immense support.

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